What is Stairs?Edit

Stairs is an area in-which people are placed in where they are kept, with no signs of escape. Every week they bring new people in regardless of their age, race, gender, sexuality or religion. If you are brought in Stairs by a comrade (CRD) you have the choice to make yourself at home, escape or die.

CRD MembersEdit

There are thousands and thousands of different CRD's, they all have different ranks and purposes. Listed below are a few roles the CRD's have...

Monitors (MTR)

CRD's who are assigned as Monitors are there to watch the losers, preventing escapes, fights and thefts. Monitors have the ability to control drones and cameras all around Stairs.

Feeders (FDR)

CRD's who are assigned as Feeders are heavy armoured units who roam Stairs, handing out rations, clothes, etc.

Experimenters (EXP)

CRD's who are assigned as Experimenters are there to use the developments on the Losers.

Recruit (RCT)

Recruits are Winners who wish to become CRD's.

Scouts (SCO)

Scouts are lower-class Monitors, generally the SCO's are RCT's.

Winner Members Edit

Winners are privileged Losers with abilities the Losers wouldn't normally have. Privileges may include more rations, ability to become a CRD,


A Person in Stairs - Loser

Comrades - CRD

Lawful Losers - Winners


Scout Recruit Equipment

Stairs Location

Stairs Remote Area

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